I'm A Spy

If you are here in an attempt to reveal me think again... and leave! My alias is Tommy Coffee and this site is dedicated to revealing things you may not be aware of. UFO's for example. They are not real. I am here to tell you that and many more things. As I spy and find interesting things, I will post them under my Findings page.

Take a look around and enjoy my many Findings. If you see something here that you have never seen before then you're on the right track. Some information I reveal is too sensitive, and has therefore been encoded with my invented written code, EJOTY-Z. Might wanna learn it... I have a page for that.

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I saw this picture of me today at the mall... Are they seriously after me for spying on stuff?? They can't even use a cool word like "espionage"?? I feel disapointed :|